Naomh Barrog vs Elm Mount

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Our on-line Leinster League season kicked off against Elm Mount. We had a good start and won two and a half to one and a half.
On Board one Des opened with a Catalan and soon had a good position with pressure on the Queen side. After a number off exchanges the advantage peppered out and the game reached a drawn Rook end game.
Board two found Suzanne replying to E4 with the French Defence and she grabbed a
pawn on B2. Her Queen came under attack and she had to give up a piece.
Her strong oppolent then took advantage of this and attacked her uncastled King.
More material was lost and she was forced to resign.
Seamus was on Board 3 and and following E4 the game entered the Pettroff opening which was used a number of times in the recent world championship match.
Seamus had soon control of the centre and gained two passed pawns on the King side and when pieces were exchanged he won easily.
Board 4 saw the appearence of our new member Merrill He played the black side of an Queens gambit. He won two pieces early on and then trapped his oppolents Queen and won well in the end.
Well done to everyone and our next match is on Thursday February 10th.

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