Naomh Barróg strengthens their hold on 2nd place in the BEA

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Naomh Barróg A team solidified their position at 2nd with a convincing win against Blanchardstown on Monday the 29th of January.

On board 1, Eric took advantage of an early bishop move from his opponent to attack the queenside. His opponent ended up in a difficult midgame, where his queenside pieces were under-developped, and his second knight was pinned in the centre with a mate threat. He counterattacked on Eric’s kingside, but after exchanging pieces Eric ended in a winning final with two extra pawns.

On board 2, Paddy took his opponent’s Queen on move 4 denying him castling rights. His opponent took poisoned pawn and got his Bishop trapped and then immediately lost a Knight. From there on it was a mopping up operation, ending in a 5 move forced mate

On board 3, Robert played the Ponziani and seized control of the centre, blocking in most of his opponent’s pieces. He advanced his pawns and prevented his opponent from castling, leaving the King vulnerable in the centre. After shutting down any hope of counterplay, he broke open the centre where Black’s King did not have enough defence.

On board 4, Des played Black against a closed Catalan. After some exchanges in the centre, White was left with a isolated pawn. After further exchanges each side was left with a Queen, Rook, and Bishop and a draw was agreed.

Board 5, Gary played the London opening and won his opponent’s d-pawn and control of the centre. He continued to develop my position and apply pressure in the middle game, until attempting to launch his own attack, his opponent presented Gary with a fork, winning a Queen for a Bishop. The game continued but Gary traded off pieces and forced checkmate.

The B team unfortunately had less success against Chess Kings.

On board 1, Martin played the Italian Game. He blundered a Knight, but won it back later with check. Unfortunately, when the checks stopped his opponent chased his exposed king around the board with king and bishop, resulting in checkmate.

On board 2, Paul started with the English opening and it was very even until the midgame. He repelled his opponent’s attacks on the kingside and had the advantage, his opponent offered his queen twice which Paul chose not to take and went pawn grabbing instead with the queen. Unfortunately, Paul’s queen got trapped and eventually lost the game.

On board 3, Diego lost his game.

On board 4, John was on the black side of the London opening. It was all going well until he made a positional blunder, and then blundered a pawn, which his opponent punished him for.

On board 5, Suzanne got a walkover as her opponent was unavailable.