Naomh Barróg decrowns the Chess Kings

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The A team of Naomh Barróg scored an impressive victory against the Chess Kings in Round 4 of the BEA Cup North. The away game took place in Ashbourne Co. Meath on Saturday, the 4th of November.

On board 1, Eric started with a d4 opening, but his opponent played a solid East Indian Defense. After Eric castled on his queenside, his opponent gained the advantage with a very well coordinated attack. Eventually he released the pressure on Eric’s King by exchanging all the main pieces, leading to an endgame where Eric had the bishop pair and could block his bishop and knight.

On board 2, Kilian entered a tactical game where his opponent delayed castling, which led to his opponent’s King being exposed in the middlegame. In the end, she wasn’t able to defend from his attack and the game ended in checkmate with most of the pieces still on the board.

On board 3, Robert played the Advanced Caro-Kahn as White and his opponent greatly weakened his position by pushing his kingside pawns too early. Robert targeted these weaknesses and created a pin, eventually entering the endgame up a Rook and secured checkmate.

As two players from the opposing team were out sick, Des and Gary won a walkover by default.

The B team had an equally impressive result against one of the strongest teams in the division. On Thursday, 2nd of November, the B team went undefeated against last years runners up, Aer Lingus.

Due to a scheduling mishap, Ola missed his game and had to forfeit.

On board 2, Austin played the London System as White and won his game.

On board 3, Martin played the French Defence, blockaded his opponent and surrounded his King with two Rooks and a Bishop. However, his opponent played brilliantly and went three pawns ahead. Martin sacrificed his Rook, but taking it would have stalemated the game. Martin won back 2 pawns and a draw was agreed.

On board 4, Paul opened with the Queen’s Gambit. It was a very even opening, with an exchange of bishops first and then both players attacked on the Kingside. Neither player gained an upper hand, so when the opponent offered an exchange of Queens and then offered a draw, Paul accepted as game was even and without Queens on the board, a draw was the most likely outcome.

On board, 5 Diego won his game by a walkover.