BEA B team versus Blanchardstown

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Naomh Barróg B team hosted Blanchardstown for the round 8 game in the BEA Cup North on March 9th.

On board 1, Martin won a bishop for two pawns early on, but had to sacrifice his bishop to prevent his opponent from promoting a pawn. After a hard fought bishop versus knight endgame, the game ended in a draw.

On board 2, Gary played the London against the Smirnov defence but unfortunately made an error and lost the centre pawn. Luckily, his opponent blundered in the endgame and the game ended in a draw.

On board 3, Robert faced the Vienna where most pieces were quickly traded off. However, by winning a pawn and defending well, he went into the endgame with an advantage. Thanks to a more active rook, was able to win the game.

On board 4, John had a very even game in the Chigorin version of the London. However, his opponent got the first attack in and went on to win the game.

On board 5, Amos made his debut for the team and played his first competitive game in 11 years, but unfortunately lost his game.

The final score was 3-2 in favour of Blanchardstown and this result put the team in 6th place in the league.

The B team’s next match will be on March 27th away against Elm Mount B.

Naomh Barrog vs Elm Mount

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Our on-line Leinster League season kicked off against Elm Mount. We had a good start and won two and a half to one and a half.
On Board one Des opened with a Catalan and soon had a good position with pressure on the Queen side. After a number off exchanges the advantage peppered out and the game reached a drawn Rook end game.
Board two found Suzanne replying to E4 with the French Defence and she grabbed a
pawn on B2. Her Queen came under attack and she had to give up a piece.
Her strong oppolent then took advantage of this and attacked her uncastled King.
More material was lost and she was forced to resign.
Seamus was on Board 3 and and following E4 the game entered the Pettroff opening which was used a number of times in the recent world championship match.
Seamus had soon control of the centre and gained two passed pawns on the King side and when pieces were exchanged he won easily.
Board 4 saw the appearence of our new member Merrill He played the black side of an Queens gambit. He won two pieces early on and then trapped his oppolents Queen and won well in the end.
Well done to everyone and our next match is on Thursday February 10th.

BEA vs Dunshaughlin

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The BEA team travelled to Dunshaughlin on Monday February 17th and came away with a three and a half to one and a half win.
Paddy on Board 1, won early on with a checkmate after the two players castled on opposite sides. Des on Board 2 won a piece and by putting his opponent under pressure won a second piece and the game. Sean on board three won a long game that went for seventy moves. He succeeded in Queening a pawn but faced four passed pawns in the centre of the board. He won all four and the game. Suzanne drew her game after a fascinating Queen endgame which looked like a loss as her opponent had a pawn on the seventh rank ready to queen. After a serious of checks she won a number of pawns and with time running short a draw was agreed. Austin on board five lost his game after it looked like he had some pressure.
This result puts us in fourth place five and a half points behind the leaders and five behind second place. Our next match is at home to Inchicore on the 3rd of March

BEA versus Aer Lingus

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Our BEA team gained a win over third placed Aer Lingus on Tuesday 4th.

First to finish was Des on Board 2 in a Kings Indian Defence where he forced a pawn to the seventh rank where to prevent Queening, Black had to lose serious material and resigned. Austin then secured a good draw on Board 3 in what looked like a deadlocked position. Séamus on Board 5 was next to finish where he again drew in what was a level game. Suzanne then drew her game despite her King been in the middle of the Board and been checked by Queen , Rook, and Bishop. Paddy was last to finish where he sealed a draw in fine style with a blockade.

Next up is Royal Lopez away on the 17th of February.

BEA team vs Longford

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The BEA team travelled to Longford on Saturday November 23rd and came away with one and a half points.
Four of our boards were out rated by between 400 and 150 points so the result was reasonable. Austin on Board one got a great draw against a player 350 points above him in a rook endgame. Des on Board two was outrated by 400 points but kept the game going for three and a half hours and both players had only a few minutes left on the clock.
Suzanne on Board three again outrated by over 300 points lost a pawn early and after being forced to exchange off all the pieces lost in the endgame. Sean on Board 4 got a good draw. Sean was under pressure but secured counter play with a passed pawn which was soon drawn. Seamus on Board five also secured a good draw against an experienced played who was 150 points above him. Our next match is at home on the 11th of Dec to Malahide and will be our last before Christmas

BEA vs Drogheda

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We played Drogheda in the BEA on the 2/11/19 and we won three two. The match ended in a welter of excitement when both Paddy and Seamus won  great games. Paddy was a piece down but had his opponents King trapped in the centre of the board. He put pressure on and not only won his piece back but also went a piece up before Checkmating. Seamus went into the endgame with Queens and pieces on the board. He won a piece and after forcing the exchange of Queens both players queened a pawn and Seamus then won the Queen with a skewer.
Earlier Sean lost a pawn early in the game and after a lot of exchanges could not hold the endgame. Des ended up in a Knight endgame with even pawns but his opponent had a passed pawn. After blocking the pawn a draw was agreed. Austin also drew when the entire board appeared to be blocked.
Overall a good result and our next match is away to Drumlish on the 23rd of November.

BEA League Match vs Skerries

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Our second round match was away to Skerries last Tuesday and we won 3 1/2 to 1 1/2.

Paddy had a fine win on Board one against the tricky Nikolai Dimitrov. After the Middle game, Paddy was the exchange up with three passed pawns and duly converted the win. Sean on board two seemed to have a drawish position but then unfortunately lost on a technicality. Des, on board three won a pawn and ended up in Knight vs Pawn end game which was drawn.
Suzanne, on board four won a fine game when she advanced her centre passed pawn to great effect and forced her opponents resignation. Austin on board five had a great win. The endgame was reached in a Knight vs Bishop and Austin forced his opponent to give up his Bishop for a passed Pawn. Austin then won in fine style. There is no substitute for experience.

Our next match is against Drogheda at home on Saturday the 2nd of November.

League Match Sept 2019

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Our BEA team played their first league chess match of the season at home which was lost four to one to Finglas. Paddy secured a draw on Board One despite been a pawn down. Des lost on Board two after a blunder in which he could not prevent a mating attack. Suzanne drew on Board three after what appeared to be a difficult game. Austin, on Board four lost a King and Pawn ending after rightly turning down a draw offer after a few moves and Seamus lost a game in which he was at one stage two pawns up but was boxed in and lost material. Not a great start to the league but results will improve. Next game away to Skerries.