BEA vs Drogheda

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We played Drogheda in the BEA on the 2/11/19 and we won three two. The match ended in a welter of excitement when both Paddy and Seamus won  great games. Paddy was a piece down but had his opponents King trapped in the centre of the board. He put pressure on and not only won his piece back but also went a piece up before Checkmating. Seamus went into the endgame with Queens and pieces on the board. He won a piece and after forcing the exchange of Queens both players queened a pawn and Seamus then won the Queen with a skewer.
Earlier Sean lost a pawn early in the game and after a lot of exchanges could not hold the endgame. Des ended up in a Knight endgame with even pawns but his opponent had a passed pawn. After blocking the pawn a draw was agreed. Austin also drew when the entire board appeared to be blocked.
Overall a good result and our next match is away to Drumlish on the 23rd of November.

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