BEA League Match vs Skerries

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Our second round match was away to Skerries last Tuesday and we won 3 1/2 to 1 1/2.

Paddy had a fine win on Board one against the tricky Nikolai Dimitrov. After the Middle game, Paddy was the exchange up with three passed pawns and duly converted the win. Sean on board two seemed to have a drawish position but then unfortunately lost on a technicality. Des, on board three won a pawn and ended up in Knight vs Pawn end game which was drawn.
Suzanne, on board four won a fine game when she advanced her centre passed pawn to great effect and forced her opponents resignation. Austin on board five had a great win. The endgame was reached in a Knight vs Bishop and Austin forced his opponent to give up his Bishop for a passed Pawn. Austin then won in fine style. There is no substitute for experience.

Our next match is against Drogheda at home on Saturday the 2nd of November.

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